Hi everyone. This is the goodbye post.

I made the decision earlier this year that Speed Trials would not continue past 2015. For many various reasons, it is clearly time to put it to bed, and allow the kids, Angelo, and myself to be freed from this super public recounting of our lives.

But I just couldn’t, COULDN’T let the blog slip away without sending out a final note to those who have been reading. I went through all of the comments on this blog recently, and reading them all at once made me realize that I have some really terrific friends, who were gracious enough to not only read my ramblings, but also to leave a piece of themselves just for me. Every comment (though I hardly ever responded) is so majorly appreciated and valued.

Thank you dear friends!

So here are few last bits of info about what will happen next:

FIrstly, I have painstakingly copy/pasted every post into Word documents, and my goal is to create some hard-bound books. I definitely plan on creating a baby book for each kid (using their weekly/monthly updates). I would also love to create a hardcopy version of Speed Trials, with all my other posts in chronological order. It might be nice to flip through in years to come. But we’ll see.

Secondly, while Speed Trials will definitely go offline, I have decided to start a brand new blog for my knitting / sewing. This will have no “life” posts whatsoever, but if you ever get a hankering to see what I’m making, then you can go to It currently has all of my old “crafty” posts, and starting today, that’s where I’ll be active.

So thank you again everyone. Thank you for being there. Thank you for listening. The internet can be an unforgiving place, but you made it so bright and lovely for me for almost 10 years! I won’t ever forget that…

With big hugs and much love,


Louisa: 21 Months

Oof, this has been a difficult month for little Louisa. There has been a definite shift in her, and she’s a LOT harder to manage these days.
IMG_2225Firstly, she’s sick. She’s had a cold for over three weeks, a nasty bug that just won’t quit. She hasn’t slept very well as a result, which also means that WE haven’t slept well either. For days on end, she’d wake every 2-3 hours, and STAY AWAKE for 90+ minutes, unable to settle and get back to sleep. I really feel for her, because most of the time she’s just beside herself, from illness and exhaustion.


Louisa had her first real tantrum this month, too. She had a meltdown in the middle of her bath, and it went on through drying off and getting ready for bed. She ended up pushing me away, dropping her towel, and crawling in between the wall and the bathroom door and having her cry-out with her head against the wall. It was shocking to witness, but after some recollection, I remembered that Nico’s first real tantrum was just as shocking, though in no way out of the ordinary. It’s just a new phase. Sigh. Welcome to the “terrible twos”


Movement: In better news, Louisa often drops into downward dog, and I feel like she could flip into a somersault at any moment. She also loves to dance, and she can act out the motions of “head and shoulders, knees and toes”.

Communication: Louisa sings to herself. It’s all jargon, but she’s really singing, and has a good ear, I think. She babbles a lot, and has a few more “words”: she says “num num” when she’s hungry and wants to eat; she says “Caw” for penguin (as in, the sound a bird would make); and she will, on occasion, say a clear “oo-ee-za” but she really has to be in the right mood. I’m so excited that she knows her name, and is trying out 3+ syllable words.


Growth: She keeps growing, that’s for sure, but more importantly, her hair is starting to really come in. She has a nice baby mohawk  that I just love, and in fact, daycare made her the tiniest braid in the world. Also, check out those wing tips!! teehee.


Food: Louisa has become more picky (perhaps due to her cold) and she has been asking to breastfeed a LOT. Like, all the time. It’s tough because I don’t have much of a supply left, and I’m sure it’s just as much for comfort as it is for milk. I also have to mention, that her favourite food (aside from treats, of course) is, of all things, broccoli! Whenever I serve it, it is the FIRST thing that she clears off her plate. Way to go Louisa!


Sleep: Louisa is a really terrible sleeper… AT HOME. She consistently sleeps 3 hours at daycare, so clearly there’s something at home that’s keeping her from sleeping well. We’ve been doing our best, and we hope that in the next few months she comes around and starts sleeping 5+ hours in a row…

Favourites: It’s tough to say, because she’s been pretty ornery this month. But she does love Jessca, her daycare provider. Whenever she sees her in the morning, she lets go of my hand and RUNS to Jessca, without so much as a glance back my way. And often when I pick her up, she isn’t playing with the other kids, but she’s standing by Jessca’s side, holding her hand. I really love that she’s so happy with Jessca during the day. It takes a village folks!!


A child who is four can win your heart in one glance. A four year old’s stories are the most intriguing in the world. No one can explain the ways of the world with such assured simplicity.


Things are the way they are because they are. Don’t you know that, maman? IMG_2118

A child who is four still tells you what he’s feeling, and sometimes even solves his own problems. It’s enlightening and magical. A child who is four can mature right before your very eyes.IMG_2126 IMG_2128

A child who is four is methodical AND spontaneous. He is rational AND emotional. IMG_2129 IMG_2142

A child who is four still looks like a baby (at least in his maman’s eyes) but in some ways is so grown up it makes your heart twinge. IMG_2165 IMG_2180 IMG_2183

A child who is four still wants you to come along, but he’ll be the one tugging you by the arm to keep it moving, instead of the other way around. So be prepared to photograph the back of his head a lot, because a four year old won’t wait for such things as photo taking. There’s really, truly, to much to do. IMG_2186

IMG_2102So let’s get to it, baby boy. I’ll do my best to keep up!

Louisa: 20 Months

IMG_2205Movement: Let’s talk about Louisa’s dancing! The girl loves to dance, and she has pretty good rhythm too. And she likes sing-a-long songs with actions, like “Il y avait des crocodiles” and “tete, épaule”, and can follow along pretty well. She’s also the most independent person now that she’s a daycare veteran 😉 and she’ll gladly do lots of things for herself that involve dexterity and/or balance. Things like working the moving parts of her toys, or getting in and out of her seat at the table, etc. Girl’s really growing up.


Communication: Her independence is showing through in her communication as well, as she’ll make it clear when she wants to be alone, get down, be picked up, etc. She uses a combination of sounds and gestures to convey her messages. She also has a few new words: “Dodo” for naptime, and “here you go” and she makes a lot of sounds that are pre-words. Just the other day, she was listening to Nico count, and she mimicked his intonation perfectly, but using nonsensical sounds.


Growth: She’s running out of shoes that fit. Seriously. How can we have SO MANY PAIRS OF BABY SHOES in the house and have not a one that fit her feet? Also, her hair won’t grow… I’m only teasing, but seriously, it won’t. 😉

Teeth: I love that my baby has a big smile full of teeth. She even brushes them every day with little fuss. Hooray!

Food: Louisa is now eating like a big kid. She can use a fork and a spoon with ease, and she drinks out of an open cup. It’s the little things, but man, I can’t wait to throw out all of our dang sippy cups! Onwards and upwards!!

Sleep: This is a tricky one. We’re still not sleeping through the night over here. At this stage with Nico, Angelo had taken over night duties and it helped a lot. But with Louisa, she’s having a harder time weaning and gets pretty upset when there’s no milk around. So what usually happens is that Ange will go to her first and try to settle her down, but if he can’t then he’ll bring her to me and I’ll nurse her in bed and try to get her to fall asleep that way. She still pulls my hair whenever she nurses, and it sucks. I really can’t wait till we’re all sleeping through the night. Like really.

Favourites: Nico. I don’t know if it’s because they’re separated during the day, or if they’re just growing up, but those two have rekindled a friendship that is more tender and more affectionate than ever before. They hug and kiss each other when they part in the morning, and then again when they reconnect in the afternoon. They wish each other good night, and they can even PLAY TOGETHER for short periods of time. It’s not to say that they don’t argue and fight a lot, but it’s mixed in with equal parts tenderness and affability.

Love you Louisa, and I’m loving discovering the girl you are turning out to be!

La rentrée scolaire

This baby face started school today.


Our morning didn’t go as smoothly as I had hoped. Basically, we didn’t account for the extra time required to deal with first-day-of-school emotions. We should have woken him up 20 min earlier.


You can tell by the photos that tears were shed, that nerves were frayed. But the short walk to school seemed to have mended most of it, and he was his normal, if not a little deer-in-the-headlights self.

I had a bit of trouble coaxing him out of the wagon once we arrived at school. In the end, what convinced him was a reminder that at the end of the school day, he’d be reunited with his baby sister at daycare. Can I get a “hell ya!” for having the daycare and the school in the same building?!?!

Once inside, he hung his bag and hat on his hook, and he stashed his lunch in his cubby, and Madame Zoe remarked on how affable he was. That kid’s gonna be alright.