A child who is four can win your heart in one glance. A four year old’s stories are the most intriguing in the world. No one can explain the ways of the world with such assured simplicity.


Things are the way they are because they are. Don’t you know that, maman? IMG_2118

A child who is four still tells you what he’s feeling, and sometimes even solves his own problems. It’s enlightening and magical. A child who is four can mature right before your very eyes.IMG_2126 IMG_2128

A child who is four is methodical AND spontaneous. He is rational AND emotional. IMG_2129 IMG_2142

A child who is four still looks like a baby (at least in his maman’s eyes) but in some ways is so grown up it makes your heart twinge. IMG_2165 IMG_2180 IMG_2183

A child who is four still wants you to come along, but he’ll be the one tugging you by the arm to keep it moving, instead of the other way around. So be prepared to photograph the back of his head a lot, because a four year old won’t wait for such things as photo taking. There’s really, truly, to much to do. IMG_2186

IMG_2102So let’s get to it, baby boy. I’ll do my best to keep up!

Louisa: 20 Months

Movement: Let’s talk about Louisa’s dancing! The girl loves to dance, and she has pretty good rhythm too. And she likes sing-a-long songs with actions, like “Il y avait des crocodiles” and “tete, épaule”, and can follow along pretty well. She’s also the most independent person now that she’s a daycare veteran 😉 and she’ll gladly do lots of things for herself that involve dexterity and/or balance. Things like working the moving parts of her toys, or getting in and out of her seat at the table, etc. Girl’s really growing up.

Communication: Her independence is showing through in her communication as well, as she’ll make it clear when she wants to be alone, get down, be picked up, etc. She uses a combination of sounds and gestures to convey her messages. She also has a few new words: “Dodo” for naptime, and “here you go” and she makes a lot of sounds that are pre-words. Just the other day, she was listening to Nico count, and she mimicked his intonation perfectly, but using nonsensical sounds.

Growth: She’s running out of shoes that fit. Seriously. How can we have SO MANY PAIRS OF BABY SHOES in the house and have not a one that fit her feet? Also, her hair won’t grow… I’m only teasing, but seriously, it won’t. 😉

Teeth: I love that my baby has a big smile full of teeth. She even brushes them every day with little fuss. Hooray!

Food: Louisa is now eating like a big kid. She can use a fork and a spoon with ease, and she drinks out of an open cup. It’s the little things, but man, I can’t wait to throw out all of our dang sippy cups! Onwards and upwards!!

Sleep: This is a tricky one. We’re still not sleeping through the night over here. At this stage with Nico, Angelo had taken over night duties and it helped a lot. But with Louisa, she’s having a harder time weaning and gets pretty upset when there’s no milk around. So what usually happens is that Ange will go to her first and try to settle her down, but if he can’t then he’ll bring her to me and I’ll nurse her in bed and try to get her to fall asleep that way. She still pulls my hair whenever she nurses, and it sucks. I really can’t wait till we’re all sleeping through the night. Like really.

Favourites: Nico. I don’t know if it’s because they’re separated during the day, or if they’re just growing up, but those two have rekindled a friendship that is more tender and more affectionate than ever before. They hug and kiss each other when they part in the morning, and then again when they reconnect in the afternoon. They wish each other good night, and they can even PLAY TOGETHER for short periods of time. It’s not to say that they don’t argue and fight a lot, but it’s mixed in with equal parts tenderness and affability.

Love you Louisa, and I’m loving discovering the girl you are turning out to be!

La rentrée scolaire

This baby face started school today.


Our morning didn’t go as smoothly as I had hoped. Basically, we didn’t account for the extra time required to deal with first-day-of-school emotions. We should have woken him up 20 min earlier.


You can tell by the photos that tears were shed, that nerves were frayed. But the short walk to school seemed to have mended most of it, and he was his normal, if not a little deer-in-the-headlights self.

I had a bit of trouble coaxing him out of the wagon once we arrived at school. In the end, what convinced him was a reminder that at the end of the school day, he’d be reunited with his baby sister at daycare. Can I get a “hell ya!” for having the daycare and the school in the same building?!?!

Once inside, he hung his bag and hat on his hook, and he stashed his lunch in his cubby, and Madame Zoe remarked on how affable he was. That kid’s gonna be alright.


Louisa: 19 Months


Big development this month: Louisa started full-time daycare! It’s a momentous thing, and a complete change to her life and our routine. I am so thankful and feel totally blessed to have had the chance to stay home with my babies for 18 months, which is longer than most parents get in my position. Still, the adjustment was rough, rougher than I thought it would be. We used a transition period of one week to get her used to the idea of full day daycare. On the first day, I stayed with her at the daycare for 45min, then left her there for 2 hours. Nico was also allowed to stay in the toddler room with her so she had a sense of familiarity. On the second day, I stayed for 20 min and left her at daycare for 4 hours. By the third day, she realized that this was becoming a pattern and not just a one-off event, and she had a meltdown when I tried to leave. She would clutch my shirt and neck and NOT let go, crying and wailing all the way. Finally I had to just hand her over to the care provider, tell her I’d be back soon, and walk away. Oof, was that ever hard. But she settled and had an okay day after I left. When I picked her up that day she burst into tears when she saw me, like the betrayal was brought back to her mind once I was in sight.

It took her almost three weeks to adjust to the morning drop off. But gradually things settled. She now walks up to the door of the school all by herself (instead of being carried), she smiles and coos upon arrival and she has a favourite toy (a dinosaur, go figure) that she always asks for. I switched gears a bit too: I now give her a REALLY long hug and a big kiss, and I let her decide when to let go. She still cries a little, but at least she doesn’t act out like we’re being ripped apart for ever. Finally, one day of the third week, she squirmed down out of my arms and walked by herself into the playroom. She then looked up at me, smiled her big beautiful smile, and waved bye bye.

I was so utterly happy. Seriously, I feel so ready to return to work and knowing that she is so well looked after during the day makes it feel like what I’m doing is right.

Anyhoo.. on to Louisa’s monthly update:

Movement: Louisa goes up and down the stairs like a person. She holds on to the railing and steps up or down. It’s a bit terrifying for me, but she’s super confident and there haven’t been any spills so far (knock on all the wood). She loves to be chased by her big brother, and loves to run! She’s tried a bit of walking backwards, too. Also, she goes into downward dog a lot these days. She does it often in bed, as part of her settling down routine. It’s really cute.


Communication: Louisa says “Enzo”, which sounds more like “enno”. She says “non” and she can finally point to five or six body parts. She’s developed a funny little character (sparked by daycare, I’m sure) and she’s been even more expressive than before. She pouts or whimpers to show her dissatisfaction, she giggles and laughs at her own “jokes” and she stomps and clomps and wiggles her body to show all kinds of different moods and emotions.


IMG_2042 IMG_2045

Growth: Louisa is 32” tall, and at our doctor’s appointment last week the scale showed that she hadn’t gained any weight. She’s a long bean pole, that one. I’m not too concerned about the stall in weight – it could be any number of things. She still eats great, and is happy, so we’re just monitoring for now.


IMG_2048 IMG_2055

Teeth: Same as before, just one canine left to go. Then of course her back molars will be due, but let’s not think about those just yet!

Food: As I said, she’s still eating well. There was a period where her appetite dipped, but looking back now, it was a week before she was hit with a stomach bug, so that probably accounts for it.

Sleep: Finally, things are starting to regulate. Again, thanks daycare for tiring her out a bit more than I ever did! She wakes once, maybe twice a night, and it’s made a huge difference already. Everyone feels more calm and rested, and she’s sleeping more and more in her own bed. Way to go Louisa!


Favourites: summer is just such a fun and easy time, and we’re trying to make the most of it. As you can see, we head out to the parks a lot, continue to go on walks, and spend lots of time outdoors while it’s hot!

Louisa: 18 Months

IMG_7512This month is our LAST one together before I go back to work. I had seriously hoped for better weather (my initial plan was to stay at the cottage all month). But June was a bit rainy and cold, and so we split our time between the city and the country, doing as little as possible to rest well before life as we know it changes forever….


There was a lot of playing in the yard, going on walks, visiting with grandparents, and general lounging. A great (if underwhelming) way to end our year and a half at home.


Communication: There are still no new words. She babbles a lot, but I think she will follow the same path as Nico, and not do much talking till after she’s 2. I remember with Nico I was so anxious and excited for him to speak, but with Louisa I’m not going to expect anything and just take it as it comes.


Growth: Louisa is a big tall girl! She sometimes wheres 3T clothes, which blows my mind. Stop growing baby girl!! We have a checkup coming up, so I’ll have hard numbers next month.



Teeth: The top canines are in, and the bottom right has poked through. She’ll be grumpy for a few days, and then she’ll return to her normal happy self, and it’s all on account of the teeth. I so wish I could take her pain away.


Sleep: Since her teeth are still coming in, it’s hard to say if she’s getting any better at sleeping. For a while I was trying to instil a routine to start her off in her own bed at night, but it’s so draining and it could easily take 90 min to get her to go down. So I’ve reverted back to letting her fall asleep in our bed, then either moving her into her room or keeping her with us. And when she wakes at night, I’ll either tend to her in our bed, and go to her in her own bed. There’s no real pattern, and it just depends on the night, how Angelo is sleeping, the time when she wakes up, and how tired I’m feeling.

Now that I’ve gone through this with two “bad” sleepers, I can honestly say that it makes no difference what I do. There are times when I think that what I’m doing is really helping her sleep better, but then I think that she’d get there no matter what I tried. The only thing she really needs is to know that I’m still there (whether in bed with her or just in the next room – I take my cue from her). I seriously don’t think that if I “trained” her she’d be any better a sleeper today. So I continue to go by my gut, and it will take the time it takes.


Favourites: WATER!!!!!! Girl loves it all: water table, wading pool, community pool, lake. She wants to be near it ALWAYS! We went pedal boating at the cottage last week and she sat perfectly still and content in the back seat, staring out at the water. She loves to swim, and she loves to splash around in shallow water. She’s a fish for sure, and I love it!!

Happy half-birthday my love! You fill my heart and soul!